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Neuroscience Degree at Assumption College

Our nervous system shapes our every thought, emotion and sensation. Yet so much about this fundamental system is unknown.

The Neuroscience major at Assumption College takes an interdisciplinary approach by applying the tools of both biology and psychology to unravel these mysteries and gain an understanding of the underlying neural basis of how we perceive, and react to the world around us. They help prepare students for what many have described as “the science of the 21st Century.”

At Assumption, students interested in a neuroscience degree can major in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience or Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience of Human Behavior.

The Biology major is particularly well-suited to students who are interested in the biology of brain function. It is an excellent choice for individuals who hope to pursue graduate studies in neuroscience or the health professions or work in the biotechnology and pharmacology industries or in other life science organizations.

The Psychology major is ideal for those who want to focus on the psychological aspects of brain function and for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in cognition, neuroscience and various psychological disciplines and related areas. Students will also be prepared to work in research laboratories.

Hands on Research

Students also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Assumption faculty on research projects during the academic year. In addition, students may apply for paid summer research fellowships to pursue research during the summer. Click here for the Application for Summer Neuroscience Research

Neuroscience Degree Academic Partnerships

Students in both majors are also eligible to take advantage of numerous articulation agreements with other highly competitive programs that offer students opportunities for guaranteed admission and/or accelerated degrees or intensive scientific study. More information on these options can be found by clicking the academic partnerships button on the left

Assumption natural sciences graduates have an 85% acceptance rate to medical schools, and an 83% acceptance rate to other types of graduate medical programs (dentistry and veterinary schools, etc.).

Neuroscience Major Requirements

  • Major in Biology with a Concentration in Neuroscience and Behavior
    • Students must complete 17 courses (51 credits) in biology, chemistry, mathematics and psychology to fulfill the requirements of the concentration.
  • Major in Psychology with a Concentration in Neuroscience of Human Behavior
    • Students must complete 14 courses (42 credits) in psychology and biology to fulfill the requirements of the concentration.